Nero Impala

New product

192 € tax incl.

192 € per m2

  • 20 mm
  • 30 mm
  • 40 mm (liimattu reuna)
  • kiiltävä

  • Quarrry location: South Africa

    Description: Nero Impala is a black granite with lighter flecks, very uniform structure, completely nonporous, It is widely used for kitchen worktops, but also for facades and floors. As it is stain- and heatproof it ia an excellent choice for kitchen. Porosity: 0.0-0.1%

    Other names: Nero Africa, Rustenburg, Black Impala, Bon Accord

    You can calculate the exact price for your worktops with our Autoquote feature. Alternatively you can send us your kitchen plan or just call us. Measuring up and installation service are included in the price.

    Delivery time is 1-2 weeks after measuring up. For measuring up your kitchen units should be in place.